Sage Francis - Jah Didnt Kill Johnny tab

		Jah Didn't Kill Johnny - Sage Francis

Artist: Sage Francis
Title: Jah Didn't Kill Johnny
Album: A Healthy Distrust
Label: Epitaph Records
Date: 2006-05-29 01:45
Tabbed by Patrik Persson
Artist homepage:

Tuning  step down (Eb)

Main riff played throughout the whole song (note that only the four middle strings are strummed):
A - Bm - D
The picking part:

A Bm Deb|-------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|-------2-----------3-----------3-------3---------------------|F#|---------2-----------4-------2---2---2---2-------------------|C#|-----2-----------4---------0-------0-------------------------|G#|---0-----------2---------------------------------------------|Eb|-------------------------------------------------------------|
00:48 A (chords) Bm D jah didn't kill johnny (D) he had a date with death A Bm it was a slow train coming D and we've all got a train to catch A Bm D A but lord, take your filthy claws off the rest of my friends. Bm D that is, of course, if they ain't already dead. A (pick) Bm D i make no demands. i just made amends. A Bm i made my bed and i'mma lie in it D A Bm D but before i die...please...don't take any more of my friends A Bm please don't take any more of my friends. D life is easy. A (chords) Bm D the smoke didn't kill johnny. the drink didn't kill johnny. A Bm D the junk didn't kill johnny. and the women didn't kill johnny. A Bm was it the road? i don't know. D was it rock and roll? i don't think so. A Bm D A (pick) Bm D but god. god. god...would never...kill...johnny cash. A Bm D he had a train to catch A Bm D he had a date with death A Bm and we've all got a train to catch D A... (Progress the chords and fade out) life is easy. holler at ya boy. life is easy. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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