Sagi Rei – Ill Fly With You chords ver. 2

Artist - Sagi Rei
Song - I'll fly with you
Tabbed by Gioacchino La Rochelle
Cape on the 2nd


C E A- F E-------------------------------------------------------------------|B-----1---3---1--------0---3---0--------1--3---1------1----3----1---|G---0---0---0--------1---1---1--------2--2---2------2----2----2---2-|D-2----------------2----------------2-------------3-----------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
INTERLUDE (1) (2) E---3---1---0----------3---1---0--|B-1---1---1---1------1---1----1---|G---------------------------------|D---------------------------------|A---------------------------------|E---------------------------------|
CI still believe in your eyes;
CI just don't care what
You've done in your life.
CBaby i'll always be here by your side;
CDon't leave me waiting too long,
Please come by!
CI still believe in your eyes
Cthere is no choice, I belong to your life
Cbecause I will live to love you someday
C you'll be my baby and we'll fly away
and I'll fly with you INTERLUDE I'll fly with you I'll fly with you I'll fly with you I'll fly with you I'll fly with you CHORUS (only chords)
C E A-Every day and every night
F C E A-I always dream that you are by my side
F C E A- oh, baby, every day and every night
F C E A-well I said everything's gonna be alright
Fand I'll fly with you
I'll fly with you I'll fly with you
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