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Sagisu Shirou – Quincys Craft tab

This is my first tab, i always wanted to play this song when i watched bleach but 
couldnt find a tab for it, if anyone wants to add on or improve feel free

------------10----------|10-10-12-13----13-12-13-|------------------------| 2x------------------------|------------------------|------------------------|
----------8-----------|-8-8-10-12---12-10-12--|-----------------------| 2x-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|
---------7-----------|--6-6-8-10---10-8-10-|---------------------| 2x---------------------|---------------------|---------------------|
--------5----------|5-5-6-8---8-6-8----|-------------------| 2x-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|
its a fast paced song, good luck! (this is a japanese artist so i couldnt find a specific web site but he is a main artist for the bleach franchise)
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