Said The Whale - Gentleman chords

Okay 100% sure this is right i watched it from a performance done on 100.5 The 
Peak Vancouver (link below)... and this is what i got, and it sounds pretty damn good!

If you're doing this song with two guitars, then the second guitar goes like this... capo on 7th
instead of C G F, it goes G D C
instead of Dm G C F, it goes Am D G C

Intro: C G F

C G FI am a lovesick gentleman
C G FWho pines and pines over the smallest things
C G FMost of them are truly inconsequential
C G FThey are inconsequential things
Dm G So I'll write you the longest letter
C FDescribing my feelings and other stupid things
Dm G I'll cross my fingers that your heart melts
CAnd you look at me, and tell me
F"Darling, where have you been?"
C G FI am an uncool Canadian kid
C G FAwed and inspired by all the popular guys
C G FMost of them are truly irresponsible
C G FThey do irresponsible things
Dm GBut I'm just a heart broke gentleman
C FA gentleman never seems to get gentle women
Dm GI need a small town girl
C FTo follow me home and teach me how to be a real man
C G F C I Am a gentleman
G F CAn old soul gentleman
G F CA plain jane gentleman
G FHold-the-door-for-you gentleman
--Solo-- Dm G C F > X2 C G F I Am a gentleman
G F CAn old soul gentleman
G F CA plain jane gentleman
G F CHold-the-door-for-you gentleman
G F CA no good gentleman
G F CA stupid born gentleman
G F CA gentle, gentle, gentleman.
Well thats it, I hope you like it, cause I never saw any good Said the Whale tabs and they are a great band that represend Vancouver, my home town!!! Preformance at 100.5 the peak:
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