Said The Whale - Strong Swimmers chords

C C(with open D)

C Em F Cleared a path through the unusual snowfall
C Em F Our hands were cold, our hearts warm in the wet snow
C Em F Asked me if I still believe in Santa Claus, well,
C Em F Santa Claus is a very fine fellow
F E When we reached that frozen lake,
C F I thought it looked like it was strong enough to stand on
F E Held your hand as we softly took the first step
Am F Ignoring cracks, bubbles, we're strong swimmers
F We'd be walking on water in the summer
C Em F Held our ground through low clouds and dark skies
C Em F Clothes were damp and our skins cold to the touch, touch
C Em F Asked ourselves if we still believe in old tales
C Em F Stories come and they go but they come from somewhere
F E When we jumped through that frozen lake
C F I thought the fire was a lovely thing to lean on
F E Kissed your cheek and said "Darling, we're strong swimmers but
Am F if I go down you better call Holly to save me"
F We'd be buried in the water in the summer
F We'd be leaning on lake tides and lilies
C E Am F We've got the biggest hearts
C E Am At a big love
F And we're all strong swimmers
C E Am We've got the biggest hearts
F At a big love
C E Am We've got the biggest hearts
F And we're all
F And we're all
F And we're all
F Strong swimmers
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