Said The Whale – Plans For The Future chords


C F C AmDaylight is fading like an awkward smile
E F CSun hides behind the west coast
Am EI thought, I thought I knew
F CI had everything figured out
Am E F C 'Til night came and I lost my shadow
Am E F CBlended with moonlight and broken glass
Am E F CTen hours of panic will follow
Am E I watch the trees look black
F CMy red shirt in is turning grey
Am E F CStrange things just won't stop appearing!
EGive me day, give me light
These days, those days
Am E F CI was taught to bottle my emptiness
Am E F CDeal with my quarter-life angst by painting pictures
Am E F CTip of my pencil describes what I might have drawn
Am E F CHad my left brain and right hand been in contact
EBroken section is now, read on
Dm G C AmThen all at once, the sky started raining
Dm G CSoaked to the bone, stopped!
Dm G C AmPeople of nighttime, came out of hiding
Dm G COne of them turned my way
Dm GShe said: "I'd like to tell you
C AmSome things I wished I'd known
Dm G CWhen I was young like you
Dm GIt won't take a second
C AmBut it could save you years
Dm G CYears passed like seconds out here"
Use verse chords here: I was enthralled with the way that She spoke so softly For a lady of her finesse and personal hygiene She had cuts, bruises, scrapes, scratches Hair tangled everywhere She spoke in a way that demanded my attention You're at the top of your game You're in control of your life Pearl of the oyster The cream of the (?) What I would give for that, I hope you never know
CSo live your life!
AmDon't sleep through the night!
Fmaj Life's worth a living!
GYou gotta start living it right!
AmSo live your life!
CDon't sleep through the day!
FmajDreams are for living!
GYou gotta stop letting them die
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