Saliva - Dont Question My Heart tab version 2

tune ur guitar 2 drop d one half step down. i know i may be a little wrong at da intro, 
da song, but is still fine. i know im kinda not good at makin tabs though. sorry, i dont 
da solo yet.

intro no.1 e|----------------------| b|----------------------| g|----------------------| x11 d|-------3-------5-3----| a|-----5--5-----5---5---| d|-0-7-----7-5-5--------|
no.2 e|----------------------| b|----------------------| g|----------------------| d|-0-0-3-5---0-0-3------| a|-0-0-3-5---0-0-3------| d|-0-0-3-5-6-0-0-3-6-5--|
e|------------------------| b|------------------------|
g|------------------------| <-- after doin dis, go bak to no.2 d|888888885555555588888888| a|888888885555555588888888| d|888888885555555588888888| no.4 e|----------------------------------------| b|----------------------------------------| g|----------------------------------------|
d|8888888855555555888888881010101010101010| they're 10's, not 1's a|8888888855555555888888881010101010101010| d|8888888855555555888888881010101010101010| no.5 e|--------| b|--------| g|--------| <-- x4 d|-0-0-3--| a|-0-0-3--| d|-0-0-3--|
dis is all i know.
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