Salvador - Shine chords

The other chords listed before weren't quite right, but these feel right on the money.

Intro: D   Em7 (330220)   G   Asus4 A (x2)


D Em7I woke up to another day, Another day to celebrate
G Asus4 A Your beauty and your mystery Is more than any eye can see
D Em7I'm not the man I was before, With you my life is so much more
G A (let ring)Break the chains and open doors To a world I can't ignore
G Em7Lord let me shine, Shine like the moon
D AmA reflection of you in all that I do
G Em7Lord let me be a light for your truth
D AmLight of the world, I want to be used
C9To shine for you
D Em7As simple as a passing smile or listening a little while
G Asus4 A To someone that's convinced that they are in this all alone
D Em7Well, here's my chance to share the news, to introduce the good that's you
G AHere you go again, you never cease to blow my mind
DYou're the love that we all need
Em7You lift us up to our feet
GHold the key to eternity
CThe King of Kings alive in me
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