Sam Amidon – Saro tab

Artist:  Sam Amidon
Song: 	 Saro
Album: 	 All Is Well
Tabbed:  Sam Powell

Tuning:  Standard (Capo 2nd fret)

This is one of my favourite songs by Sam, and after about 4 years 
I grew tired of there being no tabs for it. There are plenty of 
videos online for you guys to get an idea of the chord patterns etc.

I play this on a nylon string and it sounds fine, so here goes...

	    Main Progression	            Secondary

For the closing part I pick the first chord, then switch to a plain old downward strumming pattern for the final 3 chords. Remember to hold that last one! Closing
Note: Sam plays this differently on almost each performance I've seen, often using his pinky to hit the 3rd fret on the high e string.
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