Sam Hart - Still My Dream chords

Chords Used (For Verse)

Chords Used (For Bridge)
B;X-2-4-4-4-2Watch Video For Strum Pattern.
Intro:(Palm mutes) E,C#m,A,Am [verse]
Ewhen I was a boy
C#m I thought that one day I could be
Acaptain of a pirate ship
Amterror of the seven seas
Eor maybe a superhero
C#mflying through the sky
Avanquishing the evil dudes
Amwith lasers from my eyes
[chorus] palm mutes
E C#mis nothing as it seems
Acould this be the real life
Amor is this still just be my dream
E C#mcause you are all I see
A nothing that I ever thought I wanted
Ambut you are everything I need
Ewhen I was a child
C#m I thought that maybe someday soon
AI could take off in a rocket ship
Amand write my name up on the moon
Etransform into a dinosaur
C#mravaging the land
Agiant teeth and giant claws
Amon tiny arms with tiny hands
[chorus] [bridge]
C#m AI never knew that I would find you
Ewalking in the dark
B C#mI kissed you in the park
A E Band now I know that this is what I'm meant to be
[chorus] x2
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