Sam Hart - We Are Spoons chords version 1

C G Am Em D D* (Hammer on to the G on the high e)e|-3--3------3---2--2-3|B|-3--3--1---3---3--3--|G|-0--0--2---0---2--2--|D|-2--0--2---2---------|A|-3--2--0---2---------|E|----3----------------|
[verse 1]
CIn our socks we slide across the floor
Glike we are angels over water
C Gcomin home to see your eyes
Cand the beards we fake from yarn and tape
Gcan't cover up the smiles we make
Amor the nights we stay up
Claughing til we cry
CI know inside that we can hide
Gas happy as two clams
C Emand if we fight we'll do it right
D* Dwith mittens on our hands
Ccause we are spoons
Gthe forks and knives are lonely in their drawer
C underneath the covers we are warm
Am C G D* Dlying quiet waiting for the cold and frosty morning
C Gand in my room i can see the sunlight in your hair
Amand my reflection in your stare
C G D* Dlets me know that it's just us against the world
[harmonica explosion] C G C G [verse 2]
CAt a table set for two
GI'll make some tea for you
Am Cwith spoons that stir like hearts on fire
[pre-chorus] [chorus] [harmonica is back for more action] [chorus]
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