Sam Lane – Dying To Return tab

Dying To Return
Sam Lane

Key: D
Verse 1:
D2                   Dsus(add9)
He walked with a smile        He walked with peace
Dadd11               Dsus(add9)
But His heart cried out       He was alone
D2               Dsus(add9)
He broke the world      Made all things new
Dadd11            Dsus(add9)
And He tore my heart      as He stood silent...

G2          D2
So beautiful
G2          D2
So beautiful
      G2           D2          G2          D2
*Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

Verse 2:
Where are You? Where are You?
My God why have You forsaken me?
Up there alone this perfect man
Dying to return the Son was killed

Verse 3:
He is alive and He loves you
Laid down His life suffered for you
What a man what a man
What a man what a man
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