Sam Roberts – Words Fire tab

Words & Fire
Sam Roberts
Album: Love at the End of the World

Capo 6

These words don't come easy

They spit from my lips
            A		 Bm
But then we never had it easy
    D               G      A     D
It slipped from our fingertips

When we met, you laughed at me

And stole my last cigarette
         A                 Bm
Said you wanted to share a past with me
     D              G      A
That tomorrow's the day to forget
And you said

D                        G*    D
Just give me a reason to carry on
   A4    D
To carry on
D                        G*    D
Just give me a reason to carry on
   A     D
To carry on

Now I've come unhinged

I'm a door in a frame
         A           Bm
Well I'm never quite closed
            D       G     A7
But I ain't open to change

So my knuckles are bruised

From knocking on wood
       A               Bm
It's a trick that I've used
        D           G     A
Perhaps more than I should
And I said


        Em              Bm
Cause a heart is just a heart
       D              G
It can break and fall apart
       D                  G
It can bleed and stop and start
        D               A
Cause a heart is just a heart

Bm       D        A
D        G        D

Mix your words with fire

I'll let them burn me down
         A           Bm
Let them ring in the air
         D           G          A
Like the bells of an old mining town

Chorus (repeat to end)

A4 |--X-- G* |--X-- |--0-- |--X-- |--2-- |--0-- |--2-- |--0-- |--0-- |--0-- |--0-- |--3--
A7 |--X-- |--0-- |--2-- |--0-- |--2-- |--0--
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