Sam Roberts – Without A Map chords

 "Without A Map"
  From "Collider"(2011)

  Tune Low E string down to D.

  Intro: |D5    |G/A  D5 |

D5 Honey don't point that gun at me,
G/A D5 you know I only wanna be your friend
D5 Why don't you try to get some sleep
G/A D5 I swear I'll never come here again
Won't you shed some light on me tell me, baby who do you see? this was a land of liberty now it's closing-it's closing in on me Chorus:
F#m Bm I'm without a map,I'm walking into a trap
G/A D5 and there's a white flag on the wind
F#m Bm I surrender to the very mention of you
G/A D5 I hope I get to see you again
All the time I'm wasting,all the dreams I'm chasing are leaving me behind.. all the roads I'm facing, all the days are racing well, I'm just about to lose my mind I woke up this morning,the idea was forming that I'm always on the losing side but I never believed in resurrection so I just lay down,I lay down and cry Chorus X1 Chorus 2:
F#m Bm when I am alone laying up all night
G/A D5 'til all the darkness is defeated
F#m Bm and for just one moment, everything was right
G/A D5 it was all I ever needed
-Solo over verse chords Repeat first verse Chorus 1 X1 Chorus 2 X1
F#m Bm I surrender to the very mention of you,
G/A D5 I hope I get to see you again...
Chord shapes: DADGbe DADGbe DADGbe D5: 0500xx G/A: 5000xx F#m: X44222
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