Sam Roberts – Every Part Of Me tab

Artist: Sam Roberts
Album: We Were Born In A Flame
Song: Every Part of Me
Transcribed by : Jo-Anne

I thought I would just revise the version that was already posted... it just didnt sound
quite right. This version sounds a lot more like it. 	

Normal Tuning 
No Capo

Intro: D          G
  D                          G
We, we were always on the run
From that old witch up the street
In the days when I was young

D                             G
Ride, ride our bikes on into town
For some hockey cards
And whatever trouble may be found

A		G
I can never bring them back
	    D	      G 	   A		    Em A
But these days remain inside the very heart of me  
A		    G
My memories are white and black
D			   G   	 	  A            Em A
But the song's the same it plays in every part of me 

D                         G
Down, down was only a direction
       D                 G
and sad, sad was only on tv
  D                           G
And I, had faith and I had protection


  A	       D
I still look back
    A	                      G                      A  
The summer sun shining, A light was always shining on me
	D     		A                          D
I was gone with the feel of her lips on my very first kiss
	 A           D	
And it seems so long
	  A                            G			 
Since I left it all behind in the back of my mind, 

in the back of my mind 

D                            G
Choking on cigarettes in the park
D                              G
Chasing my old dog around the yard
Hanging out on the street
until dark and then its time to go home


A                  G                   D               G
Snow was always falling down and the sound remains inside
           A          Em A
The very heart of me
A                   G
My mother waving from the porch
          D                 G              A       Em A
And the sight of it still plays in every part of me

(Bridge x2)

End on D
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