Samhain - All Murder All Guts All Fun tab

Band: Samhain
Song: All murder all guts all fun

Tabber: John Cukras

Tuning: Normal

Riff 1:E-------------------------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------------------------------G-------------------------------------------------------------D-55555-------88888--------------------55555-------88888------A-33333-88888-66666-55555--------------33333-88888-66666-44444E-------66666-------33333 x's 5 then --------66666-------22222
Riff 2:E-----------------------B-----------------------G-----------------------D-----------------------A----5----5----5----4444E-00-3-00-3-00-3-00-2222 x's 8pm.. .. .. ..
Riff 1 x's 3 and then Riff 2 x's 8 Riff 1 x's 8 and then x's 2 (last two are heavy downstrokes)
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