Sami Yusuf - Mother chords version 2

Dm Blessed is your face
CBlessed is your name
BbMy beloved
DmBlessed is your smile
CWhich makes my soul want to fly
BbMy beloved
GmAll the nights
FAnd all the times
Dm CThat you cared for me
GmBut I never realised it
FAnd now itís too late
Dm CForgive me
Bb C Now Iím alone filled with so much shame
Am DmFor all the years I caused you pain
Bb AmIf only I could sleep in your arms again
C DmMother Iím lost without you
Bb CYou were the sun that brightened my day
Am DmNow whoís going to wipe my tears away
Bb AmIf only I knew what I know today
C DmMother Iím lost without you
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