Sammy And His Guitar – Good Song For A Talent Show tab

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Intro chords(picking:) 3   3
                       3   3
                       0   2
                       0   0
                       0   0
                       0   0(x3) the strum Am

intro part 2:(strum) F, C, G, Am, G, Am, Open

Am         G            F                    C
I see you smiling but i know inside you're screaming
Am        G                   F               C
I can't imagine what you're thinking when you see me
Am            G              F              C
I've noticed now that lately i can't stay away from you
Am         G                   F            C
I've also noticed that you're watching me when i do

Am          G           F       C
So tell me what you're looking for
Am      G       F     C   G  Am
Maybe less but maybe more

Am, G, Am

     F              C               G                 Am
I'm sorry i don't think that i can give you what you need
        F                 C                 G                 Am
If you need some arms to hold you then you can stay here with me
   F               C              G              Am
I cannot help but notice how you sigh within my arms
      F              C              G                  Am
You know we'd rather be some other place than where we are

(intro part 2)

(repeat verse and pre-chorus)


(intro part 2)
(intro part 1)

(chorus x2)

(intro part 2)
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