Sammy Hagar – Dreams tab ver. 2

Well I noticed nobody could really get the first chord to sound exactly right so I figured it out.

It's my first tab so it's not really all that good. I listened to the live 
recording and this is how it sounded to me.

e|-----22-2-3-3-2-222| |2-------3-3-3-33-333-3------|b|-3-3-33-3-3-3-3-333| |3-------3-3-3-33-333-3------|g|-2-2-22-2-2-2-2-222| |2-------0-0-0-00-000-0------|d|-------------------| x2, then play |--------0-0-0-00-000-0------|a|-------------------| |--------0-0-0-00-000-0------|e|-------------------| |--0-2-3-3-3-3-33-333-3-2-3-5|
I'll put more of it up tomorrow (12/14) because I have to go to sleep now.
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