Sammy Hagar - Right On Right tab

Well, i saw that this song wasn't on here, so i just figured it out. I think it's 90% 
might not be because I figured it out in like 30 seconds. But anyway, enjoy. This is a
song, and litsen to the song for exact timing. Corrections are welcome. Oh yea, and the
solo is missing. I'll add that laer.

-------------------------------|-------------------------------|-777-10-12---------------------|-777-10-12----repeat as needed-|-555-8--10---------------------|-------------------------------|
just bass in verses, and parts of the intro randomly played
Chords repeated through chorus-------------------------------|-------------------------------|-777-10-12---------------------|-777-10-12----repeat as needed-|-555-8--10---------------------|-------------------------------|
solo....I haven't figured this out yet, but when I do I'll post it... so, if you want correct it...I'll be happy if someone does the solo for mew lol....anyway...enjoy
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