Sammy J - Hedgehog chords

Sammy J - Hedgehog

Hey the chords aren't over the lyrics properly but they ARE on the right lines, have fun with it

Intro: D,C as needed

Verse 1
D C Jill was a girl, Jack was a guy
D C One day they caught each other's eye
D C D C And they went steady for two years
D C D They'd spend their summers by the sea
C DAnd they were happy and carefree
C D C And for the future had no fears
Pre-chorus 1
D/A A/C# G/D But Jack had a little secret
B CHe'd been keeping to himself very deep inside his soul
D/A A/C# G/D He was ashamed, he was embarrassed
B CDidn't want to jeopardise the loved they shared, oh not at all
Chorus 1
|G\\Bm7\\|C\\\\|Jack was... a hedgehog
|G\\Bm7\\|C\\\\|C\\C6\\|C\\C6|Nobody knew
G D/F#He was a filthy little creature
A/C# DBut with one redeeming feature
C D GHe was quite good at impersonating a human
Verse 2
D C D Well, Jack decided to tell Jill
C DBut he did not know how she'd feel
C D C DSo he made a hedgehog slice
C DShe said, "Jack, thank you for the food
C DAnd I don't want to sound too rude,
C D C I don't think hedgehogs are nice."
D/A A/C# D Then Jack was gutted and a tear rolled down his cheek
Csus2 DAnd Jill said, "Jack, I was joking. I love this chocolate treat.
Bm CIt's just the animal hedgehogs that I despise."
C C6(repeat for this line)And it was quite sad because she still had no idea that Jack
|G\\Bm7\\|C\\\\|was a hedgehog
|G\\Bm7\\|C\\\\|C\\C6\\|C\\C6|Yes, she had no idea
Post Chorus:
G D/F#But he couldn't stand the shame
A/C# DAnd he had to clear his name
C D GSo he organised to meet Jill down on Southbank
Am7 C D And he said, "Jill, I wanna tell you..."
N.CShe said, "Shh, I wanna smell you."
C D EmHe said, "Not the best idea."
C D EmAnd he said, "Jill, I am a hedgehog."
C D EmAnd she said, "Haha, silly. Well, give me a hedge-hug."
C D EmAnd they held each other near
(Spoken Bridge– All throughout in 8ves |C\\D\\|Em\\\\|) But as they were hugging each other, Jill cut her hand up on one of the spikes on his back. And she said, "Jack, what the fuck is this? You have spikes on your back! And he tore away his trench coat, and he pulled off his little mask and his snout popped out and she said, "Are you- you actually are a hedgehog!" "Yes, I was trying to tell you, babe. I've been trying to tell you for a week." "Four years, Jack, you've been keeping this from me! Four years, you little crazy fuck! What were you doing? What were you thinking!" And she picked Jack
G D/F# C/Eup, and she kicked him high into the air!
G D/F# C/EJack went flying through the air
D/F#Like a big ball of hedgehog
D/F#And all the while, he was singing:
G D/F#"Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend
C/E D/F#You have been the one..."
(Spoken repeat |G\\\\|D/F#\\\\|C/E\\\\|D/F#\\\\|)And after he'd done singing James Blunt's entire extended repertoire, two albums
to date, he came to rest through the
Gopen window of a yellow taxi cab in Frankston.
Am GHedgehog in a taxi, will he pay the fare?
Am GHedgehog in a taxi, does the driver even know that he's there?
F The driver did know he was there
GAnd they charged Jack the fare
F GBut Jack disagreed with the two dollar fifty flagfall
Am Hedgehog in a taxi, getting fiscal
GDidn't like the driver, pulled a pistol
AmOut shot the driver, couldn't revive her
GYou all thought that she was a man but she was a woman, you
|Am\\\\|G\\\\|are sexist
Am Hedgehog in a taxi, hedgehog on the run
GThere are twenty cops behind him but they know he's got a gun
Am So he's gotta keep on going, petrol flowing
G FBut now he's been surrounded and he's slowing down
GHe's in an alleyway
FThe cops are are and they
GAre just about to shoot
(Spoken - No Chords here apart from when appropriate play the chorus - |G\\Bm7\\|C\(rest for 3)|) And then Jill came running in through the alleyway. She said, "Stop! Don't shoot the little prick! Can't you see he's not man! He's just a hedgehog!" But as she was playing the grand piano she'd wheeled into the alleyway for dramatic effect, the policemen riddled Jack's little body with bullets and then started playing soccer with his corpse. Final scores were Victoria Police 3, Jack's corpse nil. Some say it was an unfair match. And all the while, Jill kept on playing. Interlude: Am,G,F,G Outro (Sung)
Am G In conclusion, it has been seen
F GDon't pretend to be a human
Am GIn conclusion, it has been seen
F GSome people who say they are a human might not actually be a human
Am GIn conclusion, it has been seen
F Many of us are still heavily instructed by a dominant social paradigm that suggest
taxi driving is not an occupation for
F G (gliss up)There might be a hedgehog in this room
F G (gliss up)There might be a hedgehog in this room
F G (gliss up)There might be a hedgehog in this room
(Am)Ow! Prickly.
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