San Cisco – Fred Astaire chords

Capo 2, Standard Tuning
G    Bm7     Am7    G

G Well, of course I miss you baby
Bm7I've been thinking lately
Am7That you don't need me
GYou'd be better with Fred Astaire
Bm7He could take you anywhere
Am7 GIf you ask him to
CAnd God knows
G C That it's a common misconception
G Bm7 CThat I'm the only one for you
G CAnd I can take you out for breakfast
G Em Bm7But he could take you 'round the world
Am7 DFred Astaire's the man for you
G Bm7 Am7 G Verse
GWell, he could buy you a diamond ring
Bm7Or he could get you anything
Am7 GIf you ask him to
GHe probably knows how to dance
Bm7And he could fly you to France
Am7 G And you could do it all night long
(Chorus x2)
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