Sanchez Paul - Joe Black tab

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Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 14:56:41
From: Pete Rasche 
Subject: CRD:"Joe Black" by Paul Sanchez

"Joe Black"  by Paul Sanchez
from "Wasted Lives and Bluegrass"

I still haven't worked on the cool little riff between verses, but the
chords are simple:

Joe Black, Joe Black
D                      G
When you gonna come on back
to the docks where you work
D                    G
a double shift for a flat
C                           G
and if you do it's gonna be different
C                                    D
this time you're not working for the man
you're gonna be working for Joe Black Joe Black
D                      G
When you gonna come on back

You can throw in:A|----0-2--|E|--3------| between some chord changes, usuallyfrom G to C (sometimes from G to D)
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