Sanchez Paul – Still In Love With Me tab

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From: Pete Rasche 
Subject: CRD:"Still In Love With Me" by Paul Sanchez

>"Still In Love With Me"  by Paul Sanchez
>from "Wasted Lives and Bluegrass"
>RIFF:  e|--5--5--5--5--3--5-2--- (between each verse)
>Verse (all same)
>    D                Bm               G              A
>The distance between what we said and what we really meant
>       D                Bm         G          A
>Is the distance between California and the Orient
>    D                Bm         G              A
>But still I liked to see her to be in her company
>      D              Bm                G        A         D
>And I liked to kid myself that she was still in love with me
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