Sanctus Real - Forgiven chords

Intro: G  D  A



Well the past is playing with my head


And failure knocks me down again


I'm reminded of the wrong that I have said and done

           Asus4                   A

And that devil just won't let me forget


In this life


I know what I've been


But here in Your arms


I know what I am

        G    Bm  Asus4  

I'm forgiven

(D/F#)  G    Bm  Asus4

I'm forgiven

    G                D

And I don't have to carry

    Asus4             Bm

The wait of who I've been

               G   Bm  Asus4

Cause I'm forgiven


My mistakes are running through my mind


And I relive my days, in the middle of the night


And I struggle with my pain, wrestle with my pride

    Asus4                    A

Sometimes I feel alone and I cry



       D                   D/C#             Bm               Asus4

Well I don't fit in and I don't feel like I belong anywhere

                 G        Asus4         Bm

When I don't measure up to much in this life

           G              Asus4     D

Oh, I'm a treasure in the arms of Christ

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