Sanctus Real - Im Not Alright chords

This is how I play it on Acoustic.  I usually don't do the bridge, so I didn't add 
that or the preceding altered chorus chords.

Capo 4


Intro: C  Am
Em D/F# G If weakness is a wound
C G/B GThat no one wants to speak of
Em D/F# G G/F# EmThen cool is just how far we have to fall
Em D/F# G I am not immune
C G/B DI only want to be loved
Em D/F# G G/F# CBut I feel safe behind the firewall
C G/B DCan I lose my need to impress?
C G/B DIf you want the truth, I need to confess
Em G DIm not alright
C G DIm broken inside, broken inside
Em G D And all I go through
C G DIt leads me to you, it leads me to you
Em D/F# G Burn away the pride
C G/B GBring me to my weakness
Em D/F# G G/F# C Till everything I hide behind is gone
Em D/F# G And when Im open wide
C G/B GWith nothing left to cling to
Em D/F# G G/F# C Only you are there to lead me on
C G/B DCause honestly, Im not that strong
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