Sanctus Real - Forgiven chords version 4

Original version is every chord up a whole step. ex.[G D A Bm]

Capo 2

[F  C  G  Am, F  C  G]

Verse 1:
C Well the past is playing with my head
AmAnd failure knocks me down again
FIím reminded of the wrongs
That I have said and done
GAnd that devil just wont let me forget
FIn this life
CI know what Iíve been
GBut here in your arms
AmI know what I am
F Am GIím forgiven
E F Am GIím forgiven
F CAnd I donít have to carry
G AmThe weight of who Iíve been
F Am GCause Iím forgiven
Verse 2:
CMy mistakes are running through my mind
AmAnd I relive my days, in the middle of the night
FWhen I wrestle with my pain, struggle with my pride
GSometimes I feel alone, and I cry
[Prechorus] [Chorus] Bridge:
C Am F GWhen I don't fit in and I donít feel like I belong anywhere
F G AmWhen I donít measure up to much in this life
F G COh, Iím a treasure in the arms of Christ
[Chorus] Outro: [F Am C, G Am] x2 end on Am
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