Sandbox – Three Balloons & A Trapdoor tab

te: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 22:17:20 -0600
From: Adam Pigeon 
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Three Balloons and a Trapdoor
By SANDBOX  ---  From: Bionic

Hey everyone!  This is my first tab and I'm proud of it.  I figured
this song out a few years ago after I saw Sandbox live when they
were on tour with the Barenaked Ladies... Saw that this wasn't up
on the OLGA so I figured this song would be a good place to start
my tab writing ;)
                                                Zakias[Adam Pigeon]


E|---------------------|B|--3-----3---3---3----|G|-----2------------0--|D|--0------------------| Do this three timesA|------------3--------|E|---------------------|
E|---------------------|----------------------|B|--3-----3---3---3----|--3---3-----3---3-----|G|-----2------------0--|--------0----------0--|D|--0------------------|----------------------| Do this once then repeat
A|------------3--------|--2---------3---------| the whole riff as needed E|---------------------|----------------------| --------------------------------------------------- RIFF TWO ~~~~~~~~ p=pull off string
Do it again except sub in this for the last bar:
E|------|B|---3--|G|------|D|------| Nothing too complex here.... ;)A|---3--|E|------|
--------------------------------------------------- RIFF THREE ~~~~~~~~~~ Now I know this isn't the way the band does it on the album but this is as good as I could figure out... What can I say?! (sounds good though!) Chords: Dm, F, C, G Dm F Angels never show you trapdoors C G But they don't lie Dm F Angels never show you trapdoors C G Until illusions die away
E|---------------------|---------------------|B|---3-----3--3---3----|--3---3--3----3------| Do this twiceG|------2------------0-|------------------0--| before going toD|---0--------3--------|--2--h3--------------| next verse.A|---------------------|---------3-----------|E|---------------------|---------------------|
--------------------------------------------------- LYRICS ~~~~~~ [riff one] There's a feeling I've been misplaced But my soul is safely riding three balloons Here's a shelter of the magic kind Where falseness is a passion you won't find [riff two] I'm breathing fog but I don't mind My body has no sense of time I'm hearing sounds I can't explain All I can do is fly away [riff one] Can a vision fall short of dreams There's a downy angel crouching at my feet Illusions fill my sleeping head and Dreams fade like a runway strip on fire [riff three] Angels never show you trapdoors But they don't lie Angels never show you trapdoors Until illusions die away [riff one] A Sunday smile falls from my face I can't persuade in worlds I cannot stay Gracious blood flows through my veins But my soul would favor riding three balloons [riff two] A fearless space of touch and time Where everything is genuine My fingers grasp but I can't stay All I can do is fly away...
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