Sandi Thom - Sunset Borderline tab

I noticed only chord progressions had been submitted for this song, so i tabbed the 
You'll have to listen to get the rythm right.
Enjoy =)

INTRO: C G Am F Ge|-0-------0-3--0-|---------3-----|---------0-------|----2-|B|-------1--------|-------3---3---|-------1---1-----|-1--2-|G|-----0----------|-----0-------0-|-----2-------2---|-2--0-|D|---2------------|-----0---------|---2-----------2-|-3--0-|A|-3--------------|---2-----------|-0---------------|-3--2-|E|----------------|-3-------------|-----------------|----3-|
VERSE: C G Am F A simple scent of summer, Stole my heart for the last dance C G Am F G the smell of two stroke petrol from the motorbike we used to have C G those playing fields of cut grass Am F you know high school left me kinda blue C G Am F G now with every sweet summer breeze i, i'll be thinking, i'll be thinking C of you CHORUS: C G Now i'm waiting for the sunset borderline F G 'cos every suns gotta set with time C G but i'll remember those moments forever more F G C as the days where nothing had changed at all VERSE: Same chord progression as first verse. found a long lost picture of the car we used to run cotton candy coloured paintwork looked so faded in the sun and that 6 o'clock sunrise you always used to drive me to guess that long lost picture will always have me thinking, have me thinking of you CHORUS: Tabbed above. BRIDGE: F G C So for every little sad sweet love song that's ever sung, i'll be thinking F G C and for every lost summers day that ever been and gone, i'll be thinking F G C G I wonder if your gonna be the tear that follows me, F C G until that sun is set i guess i'll always be CHORUS: Tabbed above. VERSE: Same chord porgression as first and second verses. tuned into the radio flicking through teh stations one by one tried to listen through the rain while humming those melodies alone I remember how you told me lennon and mccartney always pulled you through so as the music fades out i'll be thinking, I'll be thinking of you OUTRO:
C G Am F G Ce|-0-------0-3--0-|---------3-----|---------0-------|----2----|B|-------1--------|-------3---3---|-------1---1-----|-1--2--1-|G|-----0----------|-----0-------0-|-----2-------2---|-2--0--0-|D|---2------------|-----0---------|---2-----------2-|-3--0--2-|A|-3--------------|---2-----------|-0---------------|-3--2--3-|E|----------------|-3-------------|-----------------|----3--0-|
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