Santana – The Facts Of Love tab

Santana - From the Album Inner Secrets
Written by D. Lambert & B. Potter

The Facts of Love.

Moderatley slow

Am G F E7 x2 

Am                                         Dm 
You know they say that one hand washes the other
     F                       G                    Am 
Well you better start better start looking out for me
Am                                             Dm
Cause there's a way that you could be minus one lover
E7                                 Am
Just keep making it hard deliberately

F      G        C                    G            G#+        Am       F  
If you going to play with fire don't cry when you burn your fingers
              G  C                G             Emsus E7  
I'm not going to be the fool that you get tired of
F        G      C              G              G#+       Am  D7
Someones got to clean up their act before the show is over
Dm    E7                  Am
Baby such are the facts of love  (Chorus ends)
Am G F E7 x2 

Am                                   Dm
Its been so long since we made magic together
Dm   F                       G                     Am      
But you never stopped taking real good care of yourself
Am                                         Dm 
There comes a time to see your face in the mirror
    E7                                               Am 
And something tells you the pain ain't good for your health no no 


Emsus = = 022200
G#+   = = xx2110
(As interpereted by Etienne)
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