Saosin – Translating The Name tab

Saosin: Translating The Name
Album: Translating The Name
Tuning: C G C F A D

The other tab for this song didn't look so great...
I suck at tabbing, so i only wrote the intro, but at
least it's in the RIGHT tuning...enjoy.

/ = slide up
\ = slide down
h = hammer on
b = bend
p = pull off
~ = let it ring
. = palm mute
x = mute
<> = harmonic
p/ = pick slide
v^ = double pick

(I believe Guitar 1 & 2)D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|F|----------4h5-44-5-44-0----------4p5-44-5-44-0----------4p5-44-5-44-0--|C|--7-7-77-----------------7-7-77-----------------3-3-33-----------------|G|--7-7-77-----------------7-7-77-----------------3-3-33-----------------|C|--7-7-77-----------------7-7-77-----------------3-3-33-----------------|
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