Sara Bareilles – Love Song tab

Love Song - Sarah Bareilles


A2: 002200
B2: 224422

   F#m     (E)  A2      (B2) C#m     (B2) E       (F)

Verse 1 F#m (E) A2 (B2) C#m (B2) E (F) head under water - and they tell me - to breathe easy for a while breathing gets harder - even i… know… that made room for me - but its too soon to see - if i’m happy in your hands I’m unusually - hard to hold on to Pre-chorus: F#m G#m A B blank stares at - blank pages - no easy way to say this F#m G#m A2 you mean well,- but you make this hard… on… me Chorus: F#m B2 not gonna write you a love song - 'cause you asked for it E A2 'cause you need one, - you see F#m B2 not gonna write you a love song - 'cause you tell me it's E A2 make or break in this - if you're on your way F#m E not gonna write you - to sta…y C#m F# A2 if all you have is leavin' i’m a need a better reason to write you B2 a love song F#m (E)A2 (B2)C#m (B2)E (F) Today Verse 2 i learned the hard way - that they all say - things you wanna hear and my heavy heart - sings deep… down… un…der… you and your twisted words - your help just hurts - you were not what i thought you were hello - to high… and… dry Pre-chorus: convinced me - to please you - made me think - that i need this too i'm trying - to let you - hear me as i am Chorus Bridge: C#m G#m A (Today)- promise me E B you'll leave the light on C#m G#m A to help me see E B with daylight, my guide, gone C#m G# A 'cause i believe - there's a way B2 you can love me because i say Chorus CIAO
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