Sara Bareilles – Bluebird chords ver. 2

Didn't see this here, thought I'd try my hand. No capo. Sounds alright to me but 
probably not super accurate.

Basic rhythm something like:

C Dm7Word came through in a letter,
C Dm7One of us changing our minds.
C Dm7You won't need to guess who
C Dm7 FSince I usually do not send letters to me
FmThat are mine
C Dm7I told him I saw this coming,
C Dm7That I'd practically packed up my things.
C Dm7I was glad at the time that I said I was fine
F FmBut all honesty knows, I wasn't ready, no
F C Dm7And so here we go bluebird,
C Bb Dm7Back to the sky on your own.
F C Dm7Oh, let him go bluebird,
CReady to fly,
Dm7You and I,
C Dm7Here we go.
C Dm7Here we go.
This pair of wings worn and rusted, From too many years by my side. They can carry me, swear to be, Sturdy and strong but see, Turning them on still means goodbye. And so here we go bluebird, Gather your strength and rise up. Oh, let him go bluebird Oh, let him go bluebird Oh, let him go bluebird Ready to fly, You and I, Here we go. Here we go. Here we go...
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