Sara Bareilles – Little Black Dress chords

Little Black Dress
Sara Bareilles
The Blessed Unrest (2013)

standard tuning

G: 355433
Bm7: x24232
F: 133211
C: x32010
Cm: x31010
Em: 022000
D: xx0232

they might not be the exact variation of the chord but they work

G  Bm7

G Bm7Okay I can see it now its all the same thing
Just different wrapping around it
FNo need to soften your words,
C Cmtheyre still gonna hurt, So dont pull punches
G Bm7I tried to be everything youd ever want and sometimes
I even stood on my heart and stomped
F Now Im finally alone
C CmAnd dressed for the show, but going nowhere
Em CThey dont need to see me crying
G Ill get my little black dress on
Bm7And if I put on my favorite song
C CmIm gonna dance until youre all gone
GIll get my little black dress on
(verse) You came lifted me up but then you dropped a hurricane Now Im fighting to find the ground again, to steady my feet Get up off my knees and just remember That I am more than just somebodys puppet I can find the cord and then Ill cut it I stand a pretty good chance to dust myself off and dance (no prechorus) (chorus) (bridge)
Em G It’s time to connect the dots and draw a different picture up
C D And paint it with the colors of everything I ever was
Em GReturn to the scene of the crime, the day I let the music die
C DAnd rewrite the final lines cause this time I
I’ll get my little black dress on And if I put on my favorite song I’m gonna dance until you’re all gone I’ll get my little black dress on I got my little black dress on And if I tell myself that nothing’s wrong This doesn’t have to be a sad song Not with my little black dress on
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