Sara Paxton – Connected chords

Sara Paxton
Aquamarine Soundtrack
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C -   x32010
G/B - x2x003
Am -  x02210
F -   133211
C/E - 032xxx
G -   320003

Intro: C--G/B--Am--

Verse 1:
C G/B I'm blind folded on this roller
Amcoaster they call life
CKeep trying to make it through
G/Bthe next turn knuckles
Amwhite and holding tight
Refrain 1:
C/E F So here I go taking a curve
G but I know that I'm never alone
C/E F I think of you I know
Gyou'd never let me go
C FI feel connected protected
Amit's like you're sitting
Gright with me all the time
C FYou hear me you're near me
Amand everything else's
Ggonna be alright
C/ECause nothing can break this
Fnothing can break this
Am Gnothing can break this time
C/E F C/E FConnected connected inside
Verse 2:
C G/B It's not an accident the
Amtime we spent apart
CBut now we're so close I can
G/B Amalways find you right
here in my heart Refrain 2:
C/E F G You've given me something I need
C/Eand I don't ever want it to end
FBecause of you I know I've
Gfound my strength again
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
cEverytime that I breathe
G/BI can feel the energy
AmPreaching out
flowing through
Fyou to me and me to
Cyou Find your dream
G/Bwalk or stand you
are everywhere I am
AmSeperate souls
you to find
Ftouching at the
C G/B Amspeed of light
C G/Bwhoa ah-oh ah-oh
Amah-oh ah-oh
Gah-oh ah-oh ah-oh
(Repeat Chorus) Outro:
C/E F C/E FConnected connected inside
C/E F C/E FConnected connected inside
C/E F C/E FConnected connected inside
C/E F C/E FConnected connected inside
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