Sarah Blackwood – Change One chords

So, this beautiful song is very simple, but it has hammer offs on G and C!

Just listen to the song and you'll know how to use it!
Enjoy! X

G Ce--3-----|--------|B--------|--1-----|G--------|--------|D--------|--2-0h2-|A--2-0h2-|--3-----|E--3-----|--------|
Intro: G C G D
GI've seen all around the sun
CI've seen the rain coming down
G DClosed my eyes when then storm started coming many of times around
GWhen there's glass under my feet
CFeel the warmth on my cold skin
G D GAnd I know, I know I've started to bleed
G C G D G I've seen all the good
CAnd I've seen all the bad
G D GWrapped my head around time, with the happy and sad
COne time made sense of it all, the next I watched myself crumble and fall
D GStepped into the glass best I could and I started to bleed
2x G C oooh lalala
GShut out the light
C GAnd I closed my eyes
D GIf I could change one by tomorrow I wouldn't have lied
GBut when there's glass under your feet
CFeel the warmth on your cold skin
G D GAnd you know, just then you've started to bleed
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