Sarah Blasko - The Albatross tab

Tabbed this tune in about 5 minutes, but I'm pretty certain it's right. Chances are if 
amiss it was a typo :) but let me know if you find anything!

MAIN RIFFe|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------4-4-------4-4-----|G|---0-2-4-0-2----0-2-4-0-2------2-4-------2-4-|D|-2------------2------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|
CHORUS RIFFe|--------------------------------------------------|B|-3-2-0-2----3-2-0-2-------------------------------|G|---------0----------0----5-4---4------5-4---4-----|D|-----------------------------5---5-3------5---5-3-|A|--------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------|
BRIDGE RIFFe|--------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------|G|---4---0-4-------4---0-4--------4---0-4-------4---0-4---|D|-2---4-----4---2---4-----4--------4-----4-------4-----4-|A|------------------------------5-------------5-----------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
Lately i find that you know me Better than i know myself, Like a woman who's lost herself By the water's edge, Her reflecteion was taken by the tide, I just want you around, I want you around, Seconds and hours pass slowly I move them all by myself, I can feel that i'm aging, My hair is turning black, There's a rythm behind it That you can't know, Still, i want you around, 'cause i'm more lost than found, Shine a light on my misery, Wake the child from her sleep, Wipe the eyes of the dewy morning, The waters so deep.
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