Sarah Buxton - That Kind Of Day tab

                        That Kind Of Day  Sarah Buxton
Tabbed by: Steph

Standard Tuning

Note: The majority can be used as barre or power chords as there are two guitars, 
one a constant and the other a single strum on chord changes.

G Stayed out about two hours too late, C G And now it's hard getting out of this bed. G Man, my boyfriend was a pain in the butt last night, C G Now he's an ache in my head. D C Stubbed my toe on the dresser and G D I guess it's too late to shower and do my hair. G Yeah, throw a ball cap on; C Hell, half the day is gone. G C And nothing else could go wrong, whoa, oh. G Fifty bucks is all I got. C When times are tough, it's time to shop, G C And my credit card'll buy a lot, whoa, oh. D C What's another bill to pay? {intro x2) It's that kind of day. G C Hey, hey, hey, yeah. G Got twenty-six messages on my voice mail, C G And I've only called my best friend back. G And I told her: "When it comes to my life these days, C G "I'm somewhere between a cry and a laugh." D C She said my Mom just called her, G D And said I look like I've gained five pounds. G Ho, oh, slip into my fat jeans. C Overdose on mint ice cream. G C Treat the day just like a dream, whoa, oh. G Hope I see someone I know, C And I'll smile an' put on a show, G C Say I got somewhere to go, whoa, oh. D C Everyone's got something to say: G C It's that kind of day. G C Hey, hey, hey, yeah. G C Hey, hey, hey! G C G C Standing still on the interstate, G/B An' I swear some old lady, D Just flipped me the bird. Did she just flip me the bird? G Ha ha, it's gotta go up from here. C Today is gonna disappear, G C And nothings gonna interfere, whoa, oh. G Gonna buy myself some flowers, C And then spend a couple a-hours, G C Talking to my Higher Power, whoa, oh. D C Ask Him why life's this way. D C Yeah, I'm gonna ask Him why my life's this way, D C There's just no telling what He's gonna say. G C Oh, it's that kind of day. G C Hey, hey, hey, yeah. G C Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah-a. Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah-a. G Yeah, oh hey, hey, hey. (intro x2)
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