Sarah Geronimo – After Love chords

Intro: Bm-Em (2x)

BmI thought I knew you
AmI had you down as certainly mine
Bm No doubt about it a love to last
Amforever this time
BmNow you're gone everything right
AmHas turned wrong
BmMy heart is aching, how long doesn't take
AmFor all these scars to heal
Bm AmAfter love when all the dreams have flown
Bm AmBaby, it's hard to be alone making it thru each day
Bm AmAfter love why do I see your face
Bm How can I ever fill the space you
AmLeft inside of me
BmSomeone please help me
AmI've got to find a way to forget
BmI'm lost without you that's why
AmI haven't stopped crying yet
Bm Every night I just when I think
AmI'm alright
BmMemories of you I can fight
AmLike a stream they rush into my head
(repeat chorus)
Em AmOohh...After the love has gone
Adlib: Bm-Am-Bm-Am (2x)(repeat chorus)
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