Sarah Geronimo – Baby Blue chords

Eb BbI've been holding back my heart for too long
Fm AbI was hypnotized, patronized
EbBy your smile
BbYou seem to take my breath away
Cm AbEverytime you go, I know
EbSomething is wrong
Bb FmTime has come to give into
Ab EbThis feeling I try to deny
Bb CmDeep inside I am crying
AbI have to let go
Eb BbBaby baby blue
DbThe road isn't clear
Ab EbI don't want you near me no more
BbBaby baby blue
DbWe've been here before
Ab BbAnd I just can't take it no more (oh no no)
Eb BbMy lonely soul is hungry for love
Fm AbI'm delusively, reluctantly
EbOn my own
BbAlthough I need you so desperately
Cm AbI see the lies in your eyes
EbThere's no where to hide
Bb FmYou're my true love companion
Ab EbBut love isn't here by my side
Bb CmDon't you hear my heart calling
AbI'm torn up inside
(repeat chorus)
Eb BbI've been waiting for a miracle
Fm Ab EbLooking for the touch of an angel to show
BbI've been feeling so vulnerable
Cm AbPlaying this game with the devil
EbHolding my hand
(repeat refrain) (repeat chorus)
Eb BbBaby baby blue
Db If this is for real
Ab EbThen why do we keep running wild
BbBaby baby blue
Db I'm losin' control, I feel
Ab Bb EbLike a motherless child
(repeat chorus)
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