Sarah Geronimo - Felt So Right tab

Good day po sa kanilang lahat! this is my first ever tab d2 sa, nwei
know its not brilliantly tabbed, nevertheless i know some of you guys will somehow
ung effort ko, lalo na sa mga mahilig mambola thru singing he3 peace!this is a very nice 
normal tuning lang to, and nga pala i'm not sure kung tama ung mga lyrics(not even sure
tama ung title) but kung may suggestion kau about sa mga chords pattern,open ako sa mga 
nyu....di nmn to professionally done by...he3 aiggghttt!

Hi nga pala sa maga taga Salisbury, England! yan! sa mag Dolphins and Ssusages! kay
i love YOU! sa mga housemates ko! Hilda, Carol at Abong!


intro: G C#m7 D9 E9 2x
       F#m C#m7 D9 Dm7 E9

A           G#m7          C#m7
I love you, i don't know, what else to say

D9                 E9
coz i look for you more each day.

A           G#m7       C#m7
I need you, i want to, feel your embrace,

D9                   E9           F#m
And held the chance to touch your face.


F#m            C#m7       D9
I was lost and alone, but you showed me the way,

C#m7                     D9                    E9
now i call you my own, things will never be the same


A                 C#m7     D9                     E9
How could i've known, you would hold me close so tenderly,

A               C#m7         D9               E9
eventhough i'm alone, i can feel your arms unfolding me,

F#m            F#m7                    C#m7
and that love, became mine in just one night, when you held me tight,

Dm7      E9
oohh it felt so right..

Adlib: A-C#m7-D9-E9


A            G#m7           C#m7
I feel you, you're always, here in my heart,

                D9             E9     F#m
Its where i've kept you since before apart..

(reapeat refrain and chorus twice until fading chords C#m7-D9-E9 then A)


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