Sarah Harmer – Silver Road tab

                         Silver Road by Sarah Harmer		

Tabbed by: Dan Sykes


From the album: Men With Brooms Soundtrack

         A         E       B         Dsus2
I'll be way down a silver road I’ll go
           A            E     B    Dsus2
Where the moon has it lit up
A              E         B        Dsus2
Turn off your headlights and go slowly
         A          E       Dsus2
I don't want it to let up

 Dsus2                        A         E
Have you been thinking that you were all alone
  Dsus2                       A        E
While I still thought of you
  Dsus2                  A         E
A word every once and awhile forgetting that
  Dsus2                       A       E
Some of it could be true
Dsus2                   A            E
held in the beam of a light I thought we shared
Dsus2                         A        E
shone between two shores
   Dsus2                   A        E
and wants to be traveled like the gravel that
runs from my door to yours

*Chorus X 2

*Harmonica Solo - repeat Verse

*Chorus X 2
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