Sarah Harmer - Capsized tab


     F                         Am 
when i heard about the coming day 
wish i could wake up from the dream 
and then i see a family photograph 
and there you are, tucked in the seams  (tab) 

 F                   C                    Am

and there's a jealous net inside my chest 
there's a hurt, a sadness there 
maybe i'd tell you all about it 
if i thought you'd care (tab) 

heavy heart gets lighter by his side 
but there are thoughts i wish i'd heard 
and if they ask you how im holdin up 
say im holdin out for the words   (tab) 

what's the sense in bein' so sensitive 
can i trade this thin skin for a shell 
there are some things i've got no feeling about 
but there are some things, i can tell   (tab) 

heavy heart get lighter by yourself 
it's been so long since you capsized 
and you've been lyin out there in the sun 
has it begun has it begun  (tab) 

F           C   Am 
heavy heart,                     
                              F C Am 
have you heard 
            F     C  Am  F 
i could use,            the words   (tab)
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