Sarah Harmer - Oleander tab

Standard tuning.
Best to capo these base chords to whatever key you can sing it in, since its a tricky song to sing. 
Same chords for all verses.
Play verse chords for instrumental parts.

Verse 1:
G                                            D
Oleander, Oleander Will you bloom again this spring?
C                    G                                     D
I adored you, then I ignored you And now to me you're everything
G                                                                        D 
And those white blossoms that you gave freely, now just twinkles in your eye
   C         G                  C    G
Oh beholder, Oleander, Grows on the inside.

Verse 2:
She will forgive me for I bring water, a sunny window to sit by
Oleander, I understand her, she's just waiting for the time,
To say it's alright,another season, has brought us another chance,
We're together, in this hot weather,to dance.

C                       G
Oleander, I think you'd better,
C                                   D
I think you made it through another winter.

Verse 3
Well nothing's ended, it's all been mended, it's the way that it should be,
You're coming back, you're coming back, it was so lonely here just me,
this time no promises of what's to come, we'll just live it for the day,
Oleander, I see you stand there and I know you'll be okay.

I think you'd better,
I think you made it through another winter.(x2)
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