Sarah Mclachlan – I Will Remember You tab

I Will Remember You
lyrics by Sarah McLachlan; music by Seamus Egan
from the Brothers McMullen soundtrack

Please note:
I often found it hard to tell the qualities of the chords:
the basic chords are right, but whether they are 7th
chords, suspended chords, or chords with altered bass notes
are up to the player to interpret.

Some of the chord forms:

Asus2 Dsus2 E/A Dsus2/F# Bm7 E/G#E--0---|--0---|--0--|--0-------|-(2)--|--x---|B--0---|--3---|--0--|--3-------|--3---|--x---|G--2---|--2---|--1--|--2-------|--2---|--x---|D--2---|--0---|--2--|--0-------|--4---|--2---|A--0---|------|--0--|--0-------|--2---|--2---|E------|------|-----|--2-------|------|--4---|
**Note** the Riffs A to M are tabbed at the end. CHORUS ====== A Dsus2 E/A I will remember you A Dsus2/F# E7 Will you remember me? Asus2 Dsus2/F# E Bm7 (Riff A) Don't let your life pass you by A Dsus2/F# E A Weep not for the memories Verse 1 ------- A Dsus2/F# E (Riff B) I'm so tired, I can't sleep A Dsus2/F# E F#m (Riff C) Standing on the edge of something much too deep A Dsus2/F# E (Riff D) Funny how we feel so much, but we cannot say a word A Dsus2/F# E7 We are screaming inside, oh, but we can't be heard CHORUS (without Riff A) ====== Instrumental section ==================== (Riff E) A Dsus2/F# (Riff F) E/A; A Dsus2/F# (Riff F) E7 A Verse 2 ------- A D/A (Riff G) E/A I'm so afraid to love you; (I'm) more afraid to lose A Dsus2/F# E F#m (Riff H) Clinging to a past that doesn't let me choose A Dsus2/F# E (Riff I) Once there was a darkness; A deep and endless night A Dsus2/F# E A (Riff J) You gave me everything you had, oh, you gave me light CHORUS ====== A Dsus2 E/A I will remember you A Dsus2/F# E7 (Riff K) Will you remember me? Asus2 Dsus2/F# E Bm7 (Riff A) Don't let your life pass you by A Dsus2/F# E A (Riff L) Weep not for the memories END CHORUS ========== A Dsus2 E/A I will remember you A Dsus2/F# E Will you remember me Asus2 Dsus2/F# E Bm7 (Riff M) Don't let your life pass you by A Dsus2/F# E F#m (count 2-3-4, 1-2-3) E/G# Weep not for the memories A Dsus2/F# E A Weep not for the memories+++++++ +RIFFS+ +++++++ Riff A
Bm barre chord A D E 1 2 3 & 4 & 1 2 3 & 4 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4E---------------------|--------------------|--------------B-------2-3-----------|-----2p0---------0--|---------0----G-------------4\sl\2--|---------------2----|---1-1h2---2--D-----4---------------|---2---------4------|--------------A---2-----------------|-0------------------|--------------E---------------------|--------------------|--------------
A & 1 & 2 & 1 to Verse 1E-------|-------------|----B-------|-------------|----G-------|-------------|----D-------|--2h4-2----2-|----A---2h4-|--------4----|-0--E-------|-------------|----
Riff B Riff C Riff D
Riff E Riff F Riff G Riff H
Riff I Riff J
Riff K Riff L (piano) Riff M
E------------|-----12----12---|--------------|B------------|--10----10---10-|--2h3---------|G------4--2--|----------------|------2h4-2---|D--2h4-------|----------------|------------2-|A------------|----------------|--------------|E------------|----------------|--------------|Additions to the version originally by Villafranc@aol.comThis version by Derek T. Chubry (
P.S. If you download this and like it, please send me a note. If you think it bites (I know IÕve missed a couple of riffs), could you point out what I should change. Thanks and enjoy!
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