Sarah Mclachlan – When She Loved Me chords ver. 3

When She Loved Me - Toy Story 2 OST
(Sarah McLachlan)

Capo - 0

Verse 1:

F DmWhen somebody loved me
Bb Ceverything was beautiful
Am Dmevery hour we spent together
Bb Clives within my heart
Verse 2:
F DmAnd when she was sad
Bb CI was there to dry her tears
Am Dm Bband when she was happy so was I
C Fwhen she loved me
Bb CThrough the summer and the fall
Am Dm we had each other that was all
Am Dm just she and I together
Bb Clike it was meant to be
Verse 3:
F DmAnd when she was lonely
Bb CI was there to comfort her
Am Dm C F and I knew that she loved me
Dm C So the years went by
Am Dm I stayed the same
Am Dm but she began to drift away
C DmI was left alone
Bbm Fmstill I waited for the day
when she'd say
Bbm Fm CI will always love you
Verse 4:
F DmLonely and forgotten
Bb Cnever thought she'd look my way
Am Dmand she smiled at me and held me
Bb Cjust like she used to do
F Dmlike she loved me
Bb Cwhen she loved me
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