Sarah Mclachlan - Illusions Of Bliss chords

Illusions of Bliss
Sarah McLachlan

D - F#m - Em - Ahere I go again back into your arms
D - F#m - Em - Awhatever happened to resolve
Bm- G - Em - Afor though i thought that i was strong that i could carry on
G-D-Aawash in the illusion of this bliss
D - F#m - Em - Ahere i go again back into the flame
D - F#m - Em - Alike a moth so willing to be burned
Bm- G - Em - Aa little touch a little taste the pheromones embrace
G-D-Aand i get weak with every breath i take
Bm - G - D - Acause (and) it's you who released me it's you who gave me fire
Bm- G- Emoh and now it's impossible to grow
D - G - Awithout breaking stride
D - G - Ai get so high
G Dtake me out beyond the incline
G Dmake it past the former fault line
G9/E Gfor today i let the moment win
D - F#m - Em - Ahere i go again saying things i shouldn't say
D - F#m - Em - Ajust so i can hear them back from you
G Doh you know i shouldn't stay
G Di should be on my way
G D Aback to a place i know is real
G Dbut the lines are getting blurred
G Dmy conscience won't be heard
G D Aawash in the illusion of this bliss
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