Sarah Silverman - I Pooped tab

			  I POOPED Ė Sarah Silverman
Tabbed by: Steph

Tuning: Standard

**When strumming accent or pluck the bass note**

Beginning: C C/B Am Fe|-------------------------------------|B|------1------1------1-------1--------|G|--------------------------2----------|D|----2------0------2-----3------------|A|--3------2------0--------------------|E|-------------------------------------|
C C/B Am F I just tried to be like the others But I pooped instead I tried to join in with my brothers I pooped instead Dm Am And I wish it never happened, thatís what I wish Dm G And I also wish so many things C C/B Am F I wish every child had a mother Thatís what I wish I wish we could love one another If I had one wish C C/B Am F And I wish the retarded, were re-smarted Thatís what I wish End on C
Chords: C C/B Am F Dm Ge|--0----0----0---1---1---3------|B|--1----1----1---2---3---3------|G|--0----0----2---3---2---0------|D|--2----0----2---3---0---0------|A|--3----2----0---x---x---2------|E|--x----x----x---x---x---3------|
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