Sarah Slean - Get Home chords

**Sat down at the piano and roughed this one out. It works for both piano and 
guitar - hope that you find it helpful! Feel free to mess around with it, and be creative!** 

Song: Get Home
Artist: Sarah Slean
Album: The Baroness 

CYou can stay the night
DmYou can look me in the eye
F CYou can fake your way to the finish line
CBut don't you dare profess to love me
DmWhen you're lying to another
F That's not love, that's just wishing
DmWish and love are not the same thing
C FGet home, get home
CTake a look at her
C FYou know, you know
Dm F That you love her
CMister masquerade
DmGetting good at this charade
F CGo on, fool yourself with talk of poetry
CBut don't you dare pretend you're sorry
DmTo me you're just a tourist
FGotta stand next to the real ones
Dm'Cause you know you'll never be one
(Repeat Following Twice)
C FGet home, get home
CNothing more to say
C FYou know, you know
DmThat you'll never change
FOh, you'll never change
Dm G And I don't play the game
CWith liars and cowards
DmWith liars and cowards
FWith liars and cowards
CLike you
(End on C) **Hope that you all enjoy the Chords. They're very easy to play and sound good on guitar and piano. This is my first posting so I hope that it's a-okay!**
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