Sashamon - Malia tab

e |----------0-0h2-0------------------------0-0h2-0----0--2s4-2-0--0h2-0-----|B |-----0-2------------2--0h2-0------0-2-------------2-----------------------|G |--------------------------------------------------------------------------|D |--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A |--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E |--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
( A , Bm , E6, Bm ) she's a cuttie, a suprer hottie, she's a sweetie, not too naughty, i love,when she's near me, its so easy for her to please me, Chorus ( A , Bm , E6, Bm ) my malia,my malia ( A , Bm , E6, Bm ) i wish i was with her, so i could kiss her i wish she was here, so i could hold her near when she's with me, its so easy to be she seems to know, just what i need Chorus ( A , Bm , E6, Bm ) she had to go, far away, hope i see her again someday she is gone who knows for how long,i'll never forget the time we we have spent ( A , Bm , E6, Bm ) my malia,my malia,i really miss her ( A , Bm , E6, Bm ) i'll never forget the time we have spent(x3) my malia(x4) E6 is an e with the first fret on the b string held down fyi. found this tab on a diff we need more sashamon tabs..
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